@myRKinterests and @RK_Believe with the homewrecker on March 13th. This was not the night when Rob was on set with her? I wonder how you can be on set and take a pic with the homewrecker but none of Rob.

Maybe he was in the bathroom. And what about her belly? The homewrecker was enough pregnant for them or not?

Another epic fail for them. And if you have time, should visit their Twitter accounts. The laughs are insured thanks to how delusional and ridiculous they are.


dreamingof-the-osaka-sun asked:

I was asking a frickin question because she thought you were talking about her. You dont have to go all batshit crazy lmao like really? I wasnt trying to be fucking rude, i was simply telling you what i thought because it really pisses me off when people say shit about people and just assume stuff, and it did kinda look like it was about her. But dont worry i wont fucking bother you again jfc.

shipperstales answered:

This was your not rude message

You’re saying shit about people (me) and not assume stuff. So if I talk about a faker you automatically think I’m talking about your friend. Oookey…

You’re just a child and I really don’t care what you think and please, stop doing drama. I can talk with my friend here and if that bothers you, is not my problem.

the brat is a good friend. when someone talks about fakers she thinks they are talking about her friend. she should not have sent you any dm first